Hot Lashes Products

For animal hair products, we insist 100% disinfection to fully meet the WHO certification standards.
Cooperated with well-known Korean and Japanese material company´╝îHomay makes sure the material using for production is in high quality,
which can guarantee the final product is softer and long lasting. Mink Fur and other animal fur material:

Homay Quality Control System

We firmly believe that the stable supply channel and high quality raw material is our first step to serve our customers.
All incoming material will be tested by our technician to ensure they can meet our standard.

Material Inspection

All the material must be tested by the material purchasing specialist

Semi-products inspection

all the semi-product must be tested by the workshop leader, includes the length,shape and so on.

Eyelashes Band

this process will be finished by our experienced workers,make sure it must be made thin and soft,and tested by workershop leader

Cutting and making curl

make sure each eyelash band is cut neatly


spot check before shipment by the production specialist


make sure the package is clean

Put the lashes on the tray

make sure the trays are clean,the eyelashes are in good quality

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